New Craft Room!

Hello all! I know it has been a while. Quarantine threw me for a loop and having my kids home full time made it hard to get any thing done. It has been a summer like none other. I hope you all are well and healthy!

Well one other reason I have not been posting is because I moved craft rooms. My middle son needed a room by himself so that meant we had to move everyone’s bedroom around. This also meant that I would finally get the craft room I had been dreaming of for so long.

The process started by moving my two youngest sons out of the room over our garage. Then we pulled up the carpet. My husband did that job for me. From there I painted the walls a very light grey, almost a white color. I had some great friends that help me lay flooring and it looks fantastic! Finally, the day came to move ALL of my craft stuff in the new room. As you will see from the pictures bellow, there was a lot to move in.

Lets Start are the door of the room when you first walk in!!

The one thing you should know is that I was obsessed with the old truck long before the old truck was cool! So as you walk into my new craft room you are greeted with a cute truck rug from Big Lots. This is also a good picture of the new flooring we put down. It is peel and stick flooring from Lowe’s. I love the rustic dark color of the flooring and I am glad we put it down. Last week I spilled paint on it and it cleaned up like a dream!

This is my craft room as a whole. I have my big desk directly in front of the door. To the left is a sewing table and a paint table. In the back of the room on the left side of the window is a reading and prayer nook. To the right side of the window in the back is lots of 12×12 paper and my Cricut station.

Here is a closer look at my sewing station and paint table. Everything I need for sewing is in the cart to the left of the table. The top of that cart is where my family puts everything that needs to be mended. Anyone else have a spot like that in their house?

The paint table on the right is a Cricut station from Michael’s Craft Store that did not make the move over without losing its wheels. This cart holds a good majority of the wood stuff I have and paints of all kinds. I can now paint projects and not have them sitting all over my desk. It is amazing!

This is by far one of my favorite things about this new craft room. With a house full of boys, I wanted to create a get-a-way for myself. So I found the chair at a second hand store for $15.00 and put a cover on it from Amazon. The foot stool is from Hobby Lobby along with the big Lama pillow. The bookshelf to the left of the chair is a clearance shelf from Hobby Lobby and it beautifully holds some of my favorite books. The table to the right of the chair is from the At Home store and is just perfect for the space. This is the perfect, cozy little nook for me to relax and read or watch TV. I love that I can change the decor depending on the season.

In front of my window I have some cubes. One has decor and beautiful flowers. While the other one has my favorite rea truck tarte burner and most of my small ribbon.

On the right side of the room behind my big desk is my Cricut station, die cut board and 12×12 paper. I love that I can see some of my most used steel dies with a big magnetic board I made a few years ago. I did not have room for the board in my old craft room but here it has the perfect home. Under it is another Cricut cart from Michaels’s Craft Store. I holds all my vinyl and heat presses. It is out of the way but can wheel out as soon as I am ready to use it.

This is behind my desk. It is a lot but I am the kind of crafter that has to have everything at arms reach. I do not want to have to search for anything or get up to get anything especially when I am paper crafting. Lets start on the far left of the picture. This is a good picture of my 12×12 paper tower. Next to that is another Michael’s Craft Store carts. It holds my Gemini die cutting machine and under that is embossing folders and other steel dies.

The First set of white cubs hold my name brand paper, extra paper, extra paint and paint sprays. On the top is envelopes, precut card bases and my Platinum die cutting machine.

The black shelf next to the white cubes holds more paper, embossing powders, travel craft bag, and scrap paper. On the top of the shelf and in the three drawer unit there are all kids of rubber and clear stamps.

The other black shelf that is part way blocked has the essencials. So glue, tape, thin dies, and anything else I want in arms reach. On the top of the two black shelves are two white containers that holds Washi Tape. And on the far right I have another white cube that holds more stamps.

Now lets look at the ink pad holders that are hung on the wall. Two of the are from Organize more and the third is a cassette tape holder from Napa Valley Cassette Tape Company that I spray painted white. You can find these ink pad holders in a variety of sizes and they hold the ink well.

We are finally at my desk. This is where things are kind of a hot mess. Organized chaos is what I call it. The desk is from Ikea and so is the 8 cube shelf. There is everything from paper and stamp blocks to brads and embossing powder in the top part of the shelf. The bottom holds things that I do not need as often. I have a glass craft mat on the top of my work surface. It is fantastic and nothing sticks to it. Then I have a silicon mat on top of that. It is great for working with hot glue and paint. The top of my desk has things like a variety of different kinds of marker and paper punches. There are several different types of glue and rulers all right there at the ready.

This is the side part of my desk. I have a Journaling Bible and colored pencils. Then I have several bins. These bins hold my big stamp sets and sets of stamps I want to do projects with. Next to that is a box I got from Hobby Lobby that holds my bigger scissors and any other tool I might need. Then there is another box with several different kinds of paint brushes. It sits here so that I can reach them from my main desk and also my painting station. I have several small dishes there too. I use these for almost any project I do. They are very handy.

At the front of my room on one side of the door there is a printer and my fake flower stash.

On the other side of the door I have a big metal shelf that holds a lot of my extra supplies. Also it holds holiday stuff. It is also where my tv is which is an essential for my craft room.

My other HOT MESS spot is my closet. This has even more supplies. It is the best storage spot. It holds so much of my extra stuff. Storage was a very important thing for me to have in this room.

Other storage that I have around the room are these drawer units from target. They hold lots of stuff and I have a few under my desk and in the closet. I keep several things in stock in my room. Wood pieces, Dollar Tree signs, extra paint, extra paper, and many other things. A lot of my supplies are seasonal so I buy extra to have all year round.

Thank you for joining me on a tour of my craft room. It is a dream room for sure. I am blessed and grateful for having such a great space. It is a true sanctuary for me.

I will be getting back into posting twice a week. Tool Tuesday will be back along with lots of Fall crafts. Please Like, Comment, and Share. Also Subscribe!!

Thank you!

Melissa McGuire