Matte Eggs! Yes more Eggs!

Last year during Easter, one of my favorite things to do was paint Dollar Tree picks with chalk paint.  I prefer the Waverly brand chalk paint that is sold at Walmart.  The paint is thick and covers most things with one coat.  I love painting the picks with it because it makes them look like they are made from cement.  The glitter on the picks gives the eggs texture which helps make it more like cement.  Please read on to see how I made these!

Image (76)


I do not advise you go out during COVID-19.  Please shop your stash at home and stay safe and healthy.

I had a ton of large and small egg picks from Dollar Tree on hand.  I also used White, Merlot, Steel, and Pool Waverly Chalk Paint.  Use any colors of paint you have on hand.  Once you pull the picks off you will need some wood filler.  Finally, paint brushes.  I have several on hand but I like the ones that are a big thicker because it puts the paint on thicker.

Lets Get Started

I left the eggs on the picks to start.  The white chalk paint makes a great primer.  I gave each of the eggs a good thick coat of white chalk paint.

Once the white paint dried.  I started painting the eggs different colors.  Now I used small flower pots and a cup to prop up the eggs.  It is a great way to let them dry.  I added 2 coats of paint to them and let the eggs dry in between each coat.

We are almost done!  After the eggs are dry, pull the picks out of them.  Now if you do not mind the paint coming off and there being a small hole on the bottom of the eggs then you are done.  But if you are like me, that hole would drive me crazy.  So I too some wood filler and covered the holes up.  After the wood filler dried I painted over it with the what ever color the egg ways.

Image (77)Once the eggs dry you are good to go.  I have them in my very bare tiered tray.  They have a great farmhouse look to them but with a splash of color to them to make them look more like Easter eggs.

Thank you for joining me again.  I am on Facebook and Instagram.  Please like and comment on this post.  Also if you have any questions please ask away.  Let me know if there is anything you would like to see on the blog.  I am always open to suggestions.

Stay Safe and Healthy

Melissa McGuire


Large and Small Egg Picks- Dollar Tree

Waverly Chalk Paint in White, Steel, Merlot, and Pool- Walmart

Wood Filler- Dollar Tree

Paint Brushes- Any Craft Store, Walmart

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