Flowers Make A Difference


My house has been looking pretty depressing since I took all the Easter decorations down.  I decorate my home from the start of September all the way through Easter, so after Easter my house looks pretty bland.  My decor needed a face lift.

I saw a YouTuber use candlesticks to add height to different places in her home.  She did not put candles on the top of them though.  I loved the look and wanted to see what I could do to use the candlesticks I had.  I found some small vases at Target and wanted to redo a crate from Easter.  One quick online shop from Michael’s Craft Store and a curb side pickup and I was ready to get busy.


Now, I do not advise you leave the house right now during the quarantine for COVID-19.  I will say though that Walmart has craft stuff so if you are there for food you can venture over to the craft section.  Michael’s and Joann Fabric do curb side pickup if you order online and they have it in stock at the store.  Amazon is also another great option.

So onto the supplies you will need.  I picked up 4 vases from the Target Dollar Spot.  2 of each kind of vase.  Since I wanted to have some variety I used flower pots too.  I also wanted to redo the little mini crate I used to put Easter eggs in.  Now I have a ton of flowers on hand but I also picked up some from Michael’s online.  Please get the flowers you love.  I ordered some succulents from Amazon.   As usual, I used some chalk paint.  If you are going to paint things, just use the colors you like.  I also used some paint brushes, ribbon, twine, a bit of hot glue and floral foam.

Lets Get Started

 So my picture taking was at the bare minimum for this project for some reason.  I did not take pictures of me painting anything.  I will just explain what I did.  To start, I painted the flower pots all white with Waverly White Chalk paint.  It only took one coat because of the texture of the pots.  Next I painted 2 of the vases with Pool Waverly Chalk Paint, and 2 vases with the Rhubarb Waverly Chalk Paint.  All the vases took three coats of paint because the surface of the vases are smooth.  Now the paint will scratch off very easy.  If you do not want that to happen, you will have to seal it with something like Mod Podge.  I did not do this step.

While the pots and vases were drying, I cut all the stems off the bunches of flowers with some strong wire cutters.  From there I had to decide which kind of flowers to put in each container.  For the flower pots, I cut some floral foam and put it in the bottom.  Then stuck the stems in one at a time.  I used lavender for these.  They have a great look and color.  You can get them almost anywhere but Walmart has the best for the price.  After the stems were in place, I pushed moss into the cracks and across the top to cover the foam.  Please arrange the flowers to your liking.  It really is a personal preference.

For the vases after they were dry, I divided the flowers from the three bunches I had bought.  Then arranged the flowers in them until I was satisfied with how they looked.

The flowers in the vases looked plain.  I have some green and pink burlap from Dollar Tree and tried that on the vase.  It was not what I was looking for so then I tried some twine.  BINGO!!  That did it.  I tied knots on 2 of the vases and bows on the other 2.

Lets move onto the crate that I wanted to redo from Easter.  I cut floral foam to fit in the crate.  Then started picking and arranging the succulents in it.  There were several small gaps so I filled that in with moss.

Here is where you get to hear about one of my “OH CRAP” moments.  I tipped up the crate and realized it has open spaces in it so I could see the floral foam from the outside.  Yep it looked horrible.  I had 2 options.  The first was to take everything out of the crate, cut the floral foam down, put it back in, fill in around the foam with moss, and the put it all back together.  Or two, put something around the outside of the crate to conceal my mistake.

I chose to wrap some of the pink burlap ribbon around the crate and hot glued it.  I then added a bow made out of burlap.

Here are the final products!!  My husband said they look like things you could buy at the store.  They turned out great.  It was just what my house needed.  They were easy and this is something you can recreate with things you have at home.

I wanted to show you how I styled the flowers.  They are in my dinning room up against a bold blue accent wall.  It brightens up the room since sunlight does not enter the room at all.  I painted some of the candlesticks a long time ago and I did not like all of them having candles on them.  The flowers make a great addition instead of a bunch of candles.

I hope you love these vases and flowers as much as I do.  Please leave me a comment or find me on Facebook and Instagram under Yellow Butterfly Craft Designs.

Thank you for joining me!!

Please say safe and healthy!

Melissa McGuire


Small Vases- Target, Walmart, Amazon

Daisy Flowers- Michael’s Craft Store

Lavender Flowers- Walmart

Small Fake Succulents- Amazon

Crate- Michael’s Craft Store

Floral Foam- Dollar Tree

Moss- Dollar Tree

White, Pool, Rhubarb Waverly Chalk Paint- Walmart

Paint brushes- Walmart, Michael’s Craft Store, Hobby Lobby

Burlap Ribbon- Dollar Tree

Twine- Hobby Lobby, Michael’s Craft Store, Walmart

Surebonder Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks- Amazon


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