Double Duty Christmas Pillows

The older I get the more I love a great throw pillow! I do not have them on my couch because, well, I have boys and they destroy them. So I have to stick them in other spots. My craft room chair is one place and my bed is the other and I stack as many as I can. Yes the men in my house hate me sometimes!

These Christmas pillows are going to pull double duty. They have a Christmas pattern on the front and what I consider Winter on the back. Yes I know that the backs of the pillows are a lot of red and that is normally Christmas but the red matches the rest of my decor.

Lets Get Started


You do not need a ton of supplies. I used kitchen towels and place mats as the pictures on the pillows. I also used fat quarter material from Walmart as the backing for the pillows. You can use one of two methods to create the pillows. I used both methods. To join the material together, you will either need a sewing machine or fabric tack. I like Frabri-Fix. As far as a sewing machine, I have a Singer that is a few years old. Sewing is not what I do best so please do not criticize me for my sewing ability. I had to phone a friend to get through the sewing part to this project.

You will also need a ruler and something to cut the fabric with. I have a large cutting mat with an acrylic ruler and a rotary cutter. And of course pillow stuffing!

To start you must decide what size you want your pillow to be. Some of the towels I wanted to make sure had the same border all the way around. For example, with this gnome towel, I had to make sure the red stripe would not show. Also keep in mind you need you need to leave about an inch a half an inch all the way around the piece you are cutting to allow for the seams when gluing or sewing.

Once you have your towels or place mats cut, then lay it on top of the fabric you are using for the back. Cut the back fabric to be the same size as the front. Use your ruler to help keep things straight. If you need to draw lines on the fabric to help you, then use chalk or a pencil. I have a large acrylic ruler so I used it. Make sure you have good scissors when cutting fabric. If they are dull then they will not cut your fabric straight or well.

After you have your pillows cut, place your pieces both with the patters facing each other. When you make pillows, you want the two fabrics or patters that will be on the outside, to start on the inside first. From there you can start sewing or gluing.

When I glue fabrics together I pull up small pieces of the fabric up and place glue down on the edge of the bottom fabric. Then place the top fabric over it and push the two fabrics together. Do this all the way around the pillow but leave a good 5 inch gap where you do not attach the fabrics together. You have to have a spot to put the stuffing in. Now you need to let the fabric tack set for 24 hours before you can move onto the next step.

If you are sewing the fabrics together the make sure you leave the same openings.

Next flip your pillow right side out and start stuffing the pillow with pillow stuffing. I buy the cheap pillows from Walmart to stuff my pillows. It is more cost affective for me. Fill the pillow as full as you want it but keep in mind you still have to seal up the opening and that can be hard to do if the pillow is to full.

To seal your pillow, flip the edges in side the pillow and either glue or sew it shut. I used these little clips to help hold the opening closed. It makes it easier for me to sew it shut.

How cute are all of these? I made a big pillow too, out of the material I got at Walmart. These pillows will be out until Valentine’s Day! The red ones I will put out for Valentine’s Day. They really are pulling double duty and then some. I think the gnomes are my favorite. Since we either used a sewing machine or fabric glue, these are machine washable too.

Thank you for coming to the blog today to see this cute pillow project. Over on Instagram I am posting a few super easy Ornament Crafts. Go take a look! It is Yellow Butterfly Craft Designs over there and on Facebook.

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Melissa McGuire


Fat Quarters- Walmart

Towels and Place Mat- Dollar Tree

Towels- Dollar General

Pillow Stuffing- Cheep pillows from Walmart, Any Craft Store

Fabric Tack- Any Craft Store

Sewing Machine and Sewing Supplies- Use what you have.

Ruler- Anywhere

Scissors- Anywhere

Clamps- Dollar Tree

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