Happy New Year 2021!!!

I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year and a hope for a great 2021. I know 2020 was hard for so many people. Remote learning was hard for us and a lot of others struggled with it too. My husband had been off or on an adjusted schedual but he still has a job Thank God! We lost a few dear friends and 2020 gave us one last kick in the gut but taking Brother Gene, our former pastor, who led my husband and I to the Lord. He was like a father to my husband and I and he touched lives all over the world with his faith and grace.

Now we are a few days into 2021 and even though 2020 was hard, I still will not call it the worst year of my life. To give you a bit of insight into my story, I lost both my parents about a year apart and a set of twin boys. Those years were hard. 2020 had nothing on all that loss and grief. So while it was a rough year, there were some great things that came out of it. I got to see my kids grow in school. We spent so much more time as a family. I took a deep dive into my faith and mental health. Those are all very positive things.

For the start of 2021, I have big goals. My word for 2021 is ACCOMPLISH. I joined a CrossFit gym and plan to complete the 110 Stair Climb on 9-11-2021. A YouTube channel is in the future for Yellow Butterfly Craft Designs. That should be fun!! And my husband and I have a PTSD marriage ministry called Relentless Warriors Legacy which has a blog too, and will also have a YouTube channel. Big things are planned for 2021! In the comments, tell me what your plans and goals are for 2021 and how you plan to accomplish them!!!

I hope this finds you well and healthy. I have a few winter crafts planned and then we will jump right in to Valentine’s Day!!

It’s going to be a great year!!

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Philippians 4:13 “I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me.”

Melissa McGuire

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2021!!!

  1. I wish I could say I had concrete plans for 2021 but honestly it’s just holding on for the shitshow continuation from 2020. I will say though I have a renewed spark to get back to crafting and maybe even starting an etsy shop. In a dream world i would be going to a in person job but with Nick’s school being hybrid and childcare being extremely hard to find for Addison, an at home job is the most realistic right now. As you know military schedules are all over the damn place and he takes priority. I’m hoping some great opportunities comes my way, I want to do daily devotionals or guided journaling. My mental health NEEDS something. I also need to get going on my fitness journey. So many things to do, so many drs appts coming up, so many uncertainties but we will make it through day by day!


    • Sounds like you have a great plan and that is what matters. Set some goals and go after them. I am teaching myself to be a goal oriented person and it really is helping. I have stopped saying “I’m trying” or “Hopefully” and started saying ” I AM!” It had made a difference in my mindset on everything.


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