Hearts in a Row

One thing that is fun to do, and makes a simple impact each holiday or season is a garland.  These can be hung or draped anywhere.  They can be made out of several different things and be any length to go with what ever space you have to put them in.


I found wooden hearts at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and thought they would be perfect for a garland.  I have a big hallway that leads into our kitchen and it is the one place that I love to decorate for the different holidays.  My husband gave me this big red truck for Christmas, so that is hung in the hallway.  While it takes up a lot of space on the wall, that wall still needs a bit more.  I thought different kinds of garland would go perfect there each holiday.  Since Valentine’s Day is coming up first, I decided to start with that garland.


The things you will need for this garland are pretty easy to get.  I used these wooden hearts from the Dollar Tree.  One set of 5 has an arrow through them and the other set of 5 has the word LOVE on them.  Each package also contains twine to tie them where ever you want.  Other supplies you will need is what ever paint colors you want to you.  I used Waverly White Chalk Paint, Chalk Board Red Chalk Paint, and FolkArt Metallic Gold Paint.  The other things I used were twin and paint brushes that I had on hand.

Lets Get Started

I started by painting the hearts with arrows red leaving the arrow part alone.  I then mixed some white chalk paint in with the red to make the pink color you see in the picture.  Then I painted the hearts with the word LOVE on them pink.  It took two coats of paint to cover all the hearts front and back.  At this point I planned on using the back side of the hearts so you could not see the LOVE word on them.  Like usual though I changed my mind.

I decided I wanted some kind of a contrast color on the arrows so I chose an acrylic metallic gold.  The arrows took 3 coats of paint to cover.  I only painted the front side of the arrows to save some time.  The back of the arrows I painted red.  Now if you want all your hearts facing the same way make sure that you chose a side and paint all the hearts that way.


This is where I changed my mind.  I saw on a YouTube video where someone had colored in the word LOVE on their hearts and I really liked it.  So for this I used that same acrylic metallic gold paint.  Now it took four to five coats to cover over the pink paint.  Sometimes changing you mind can give you more work, but I think that it was completely worth it.

Remember those small pieces of twine that were in the package of the hearts, this is where you are going to use them.  If what you are using for your garland does not come with anything to tie it together with, you can use twine or even ribbon to tie you garland together.

I started this all by measuring my twine across the space that I am hanging my garland.  I measured an extra 12 inches on the end of that twine so that I could tie loops in it to hang it on the wall.  I am using command strips to hang it.  Then I picked my middle point and started tying the hearts on one at a time.  I knew I wanted an odd number of hearts so I made sure that I put the heart in the middle that I wanted to use more of.


This is the finished product.  I made sure the hearts were evenly spaced apart and that there was room at the end of each side of the twine before the loops for some visual interest.  I also tied my hearts on tight to the twine.  You could leave them loose.  There are several ways you could do this.  You would only use one kind of heart or you could leave the wood plain instead of painting them.  Make them match your style!



I had a few hearts left over and decided to use them as decor.  I tied the twine around them because I do not like leaving the hole empty and it gives these hearts a bit more of a rustic feel.


Thank you for joining me again and I hope you love this garland like I do.  On Friday we will be looking at how to make little figurines for a 3-tiered tray!

Melissa McGuire


2 Kinds of Wooden Hearts- Dollar Tree

Waverly White Chalk Paint- Walmart

ChalkBoard Red Chalk Paint- Tuesday Morning

FolkArt Metallic Gold Paint- Walmart

Paint Brushes- Hobby Lobby

Paint Trinket Tray- Dollar Tree

Twine- Hobby Lobby


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