Figures Perfect for 3-Tiered Trays

The one thing I have found a love for, is decorating 3-tiered trays.  I find it difficult to find figures that are small enough to fit in the trays and not take them over.  So I was on the hunt for Valentine’s Day figures to fill out my 3 tiered trays.



The main thing that you will need are these little figures from the Dollar Tree.  They each come in a package with paint.  You will also need paints in the colors you want, paint brushes, paint dishes and something to sit the figures on while they dry.


The first thing you will do is pull the tops off each figure.  These figures come with hangers on them but since we are using them to stand it trays, you can pull the hangers off of them.  They come out pretty easy with a little bit of tugging.  Once that part is done, it is onto the painting.

The Project


You do not need to prime these figures.  They are made of plaster so they hold onto the paint well.  I started with the base colors of brown and rust color for two of the animals.  I wanted the bear and dog to be traditional colors.  From there I wanted the monkey to look galvanized.  I used the method that I used a few weeks ago on some plaques to achieve that affect.    The colors you use are completely up to you.  Use your creativity and think outside of the box.  I did the galvanized monkey because it matches my decor better and I wanted something that did not scream out that it was for Valentine’s Day.

Now to create some interest and contrast, I painted the items in the animal’s hands and the insides of their ears a different color.  I love how the red and gold pop.  The monkey is awesome with the red hearts, ears and nose because it really stands out against the way it is painted.  I used enamel accents to dot on their eyes to make them stand out.   It gives them a finishing touch.  Enamel accents is, what I would consider, an extra craft supply.  It is not something you need to have.  I use them very little so it is not something you need to run out and buy.   You can use black paint or even a black marker to make their eyes stand out.

These are so cute!  They make the perfect little addition to any Valentine decor.  It is one of those things that are simple and easy to do.  You can use what ever colors you want and this can be done for any holiday.

Hope you all enjoyed this craft and have a great week.

Melissa McGuire

Supply List

Figures- Dollar Tree

Paint- Any colors you want.  Walmart, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby are great places to get              paint and also some Dollar Trees have paint too.

Paint Brushes- Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Michael’s

Enamel Accents- Michael’s but this one is not necessary.  You can use black paint or even                                  a black marker.


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