Plant an Egg!

Hello and I hope you all are safe and healthy.  Easter is fast approaching but there is still lots of time to get crafty.  Now I do not advise going out and getting craft supplies.  What I do advise is that you shop your craft supply stash.  I have a ton of supplies just laying around waiting to be used.  I also did a Easter shopping trip before for craft supplies before all this craziness  with COVID-19 started.

Image (7)

Can you plant an egg?  No not at all but you sure can make it look like it.  Chickens too!!   As I was looking at all the craft supplies I have, I came across some little flower posts and also some figures that I was going to paint for my tiered trays.  After playing around with them for a bit, I figured out that they would look cute stacked together. So I got to crafting.


For this project you will need 3 small flower pots and three figures.  Also assorted colors of paints, paint brushes, and hot glue gun and hot glue.  Later I figured out I needed something to put inside of the pots to set my figures on so I used the tumbling tower blocks from Dollar tree.  I then used some moss to cover the blocks up.

Lets Get Started

I stated by doing what they call “dry brushing” on the pots.  You do this by getting a very small amount of paint on the brush, I even dab some of the paint off on a scrap piece of paper to make sure there is very little paint on it.  Then lightly brush the flower pot with the brush.  I used chalk paint for this.  You are looking for very light coverage.  This makes the pots look worn and aged.  You can do this with any color paint you want to or have on hand.  Also add as much or as little paint to the pots to get the look you like.

Lets move onto the figures.  I had two little chickens and an egg on hand.  First I pulled out the top piece that had the hanger on it.  It comes off really easy.  Then I used several different kinds of paints from a few different companies.  Some were metallic and other acrylic.  I just shopped my paint stash so that I had a wide range of colors.  To paint these figures, I used very small brushes.  The small brushes force me to slow down and take my time so I do not get paint everywhere.

Image (15)

Once the pots were dry I needed something to put in them for the figures to sit on.  I almost always have tumbling tower blocks on hand all the time from Dollar Tree.  I took 5 blocks and hot glued them to the bottom of each pot.

I put the figures on top of the blocks but they were still not sitting up high enough.  So I took some moss that I had (I have lots of it) and pushed it in between the blocks and the sides of the pot.

From there I put A LOT of hot glue on top of the blocks and added moss to the top.  I did this a few times to get the height I wanted. Once the figures were completely dried I added hot glue to the bottom of the figures and stuck it on top of the moss.  After the glue had set, I turned the whole thing upside down to shake off the extra moss and trimmed around the pot so that there was not any moss hanging over the edges of the pots.

Image (7)

Not bad for shopping my stash of craft supplies.  These are small enough for tiered trays or to set up around other decor.  I have them up on a bread box in my kitchen.  They are very cute!

Just because you might not have these same supplies does not mean you can not be crafty.  Look at what you have in your craft stash, or even look for things in your home that you can re-purpose.  Crafting is relaxing and can cheer you up.  You accomplish something plus create something new in your home to make you smile.

Thank you for joining me!  Please stay safe and healthy!

See you all soon!

Melissa McGuire


Figures- Dollar Tree

Flower Pot- Dollar Tree

Several Colors and Kinds of Paint- Use what you have or places like Walmart carry paint.  Michael’s Craft Store is doing curbside pick on online orders.

Waverly White Chalk Paint- Walmart

Surebonder Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue- Hobby Lobby, Amazon

Paint Brushes- Dollar Tree, Craft Stores, Walmart

Moss- Dollar Tree

Tumble Blocks- Dollar Tree

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