The Big Egg!

There will be several Easter crafts on the blog this week.  I must start off by saying that I do not advise going out of the house right now to get craft supplies.  With Covid-19 please stay safe. We are going to start off with the biggest and easiest craft first.  I am also giving you a bonus craft in this post.  It is just as easy as the first one.



Image (63)

For this super easy project you will need is an egg.  I found this egg at Target.  You can cut one out of foam board from the Dollar Tree.  You will also need some white paint or what ever color you want to paint your egg. Finally, a paint brush or two.

Lets Get to the Project

Image (58)

Would you like to know how easy this project is?  All I did was paint it.  Now I did change gears on the paint after I did not really like the all white egg.  I added in some liquid teal water color to the white paint and lightly mixed it.  As I painted the egg it blended and left streaks.

Image (71)

And here it is!  I love the color and it will make a great back drop for the next few crafts that are coming up this week.


Since each of these crafts are so simple I decided to put them both in the same blog post.


Image (64)

For this craft you will need a small wooden plaque and some stickers.  These stickers are from Dollar Tree.  You will also need some paint.  I used Antique Wax by Waverly.  Finally you will need some water if you decide to just wash the paint on instead of getting an opaque look.

Lets Get Started

Image (60)

I stated off by mixing the paint with a lot of water.  I wanted the paint to look like a stain, not a thick paint.  Then I took my paint brush and did a light wash of color over the plaque on all sides.  After it dried completely, I added one of the stickers to the inside of the plaque.  That’s it!! Another project done.

Image (73)

How cute is this?!  I love it and it was so easy.  Crafting does not have to be hard or time consuming.  Things can be easy and fast and still look great!

I hope you enjoyed this simple projects and will shop you craft stash and see what you can come up with that is easy to do.  Thank you for joining me again and please stay safe and healthy

Melissa McGuire


Project 1

Egg- Target

Waverly White Chalk Paint- Walmart

Paint Brushes- Any craft store, Walmart, and Target

Teal Liquid Water Color- Hero Arts

Project 2

Wooden Plaque- Michael’s Craft Store

Easter Stickers- Dollar Tree

Antique Wax Waverly Paint- Walmart

Paint Brushes- Any craft store, Walmart, and Target



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