Tool Tuesday- Paint

It’s time for another Tool Tuesday. Today we are going to look at paint. There are several different kinds of paint and different finishes. I use paint almost every time I craft. I have my favorites and I can not wait to share them with you!

Paint Finishes

The first thing to look at is the finish of paint. When you are looking at the finishes of paint, it is helpful to think about what you would put on the walls of your house. What finish do you prefer? For my walls I like something easy to clean but for my craft projects I prefer a flat or matte finish.

Here is a great list of the different finishes of paint. For most projects I use a flat or matte finish paint. It has a rustic and vintage feel to it. Flat paint is thicker than most and covers very well. The only downside to it is that it is not easy to clean.

From there, the rest of the finishes can be cleaned and wiped down. The coverage is different though and will take more coats of paint to cover your projects. Depending on the brand, the paint can be hard to put on and get it to cover what you are painting.

It is hard to put glossy paint over the top of glossy paint. Most of the time you need to either sand down and clean a glossy surface before adding a glossy paint over the top of it. The other option is to use a primer paint. then go in with the glossy paint over that. Primer will also make sure what ever paint you put on with stick.

Brands of Paint

My all time favorite paint is Waverly Chalk Paint made by the company Plaid. It is sold at Walmart or online and is cheap. I use the White chalk paint as a primer on most of my projects. It makes ever other paint look brighter and cover better.

Waverly makes several different colors of chalk paint and also a few different waxes. I use the Antique Wax a lot. It can cover as a regular paint or you can water it down and it applies and gives the look of a stain without all the mess.

Let’s talk about some brands of acrylic paint. Apple Barrel makes a pretty good acrylic paint. It is cheap and there are some many colors to chose from. They are good paints for your money. I remember doing crafts with my mom as a kid and using Apple Barrel paints to do our projects. They have been around a long time.

Another brand of acrylic paint I am starting to use is by a company called Arteza. Their products are great quality. The paint is thick and covers most of the time with one coat which is great. I order this paint from Amazon but they also have their own website. Most of their products come in sets so you get lots of colors for your money.

Folk Art is another good company for paint. I really like their glitter and metallic paints. They are wonderful. I like that they have several shades of their metallic paints because that helps with blending when you are doing different techniques.

Most of these companies make several different finishes of paint so you have to first decide what you want your project to look like. Then from there pick your color of paint. The good thing is that most of these companies make small bottles of paint and they are reasonably priced so you can try a few different kinds.

This is just a small break down of paints. Do your research because all crafters are different and all have information to offer.

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Melissa McGuire

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