Happy Halloween!!

SURPRISE!! I have one more Halloween post for you. There is not a lot of DIY to this but it is super cute!! This piece from Target looked like a fire place to me. (You will see me use one for Christmas decorations in a few weeks.) I had to see what I could do with it. I love how it turned out.

Lets Get Started


The supplies that you will need are some white pumpkin picks, mini brooms (I had black, orange, and purple), black netting, bat picks, and witches hats all from Dollar Tree. I used some Waverly Chalk paint in Ink, White, and Pumpkin along with some paint brushes. You will need some glue. I used hot glue. The most important thing is the fire place which was from Target.

Some extras I added were the caldron, some white fluff, and different size pumpkins.

The first thing I did was start painting the pumpkin and bat picks. The 4 pumpkins got a good coat of Waverly Chalk Paint in Pumpkin. Once they were dry, I painted the jack-o-lantern faces on them with Waverly Chalk Paint in Ink.

I painted the bats with Waverly Chalk Paint in Ink and the sticks of the bats with Waverly Chalk Paint in White.

That is about it for the DIY part of this project. The rest is assembling it all.

I started with draping the black netting over the fire place using hot glue on the back of the fire place to hold it on. Next I glued witches hats on two of the pumpkins picks and took them off their sticks. Then glued the pumpkins to the top of the fire place. I glued the last witch hat on the corner of the fire place like someone had hung it there.

The last thing I glued on was the bats. I put three of them on the back of the fire place like they were flying around. I placed the brooms leaning on the fire place in a few different places and put some tiny pumpkins and a few bigger ones around. There was something missing from the mantel of the fire place. I found this potion bottle that I turned into a vase and added some red flowers that were let over from another project. Finally I added pillow filler to the caldron.

That is it!! I LOVE this so much. It is very different. When I look at it I think of the movie Hocus Pocus. Each of the brooms and hats are 3 different colors. So cute!

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Melissa McGuire


Fire Place- Target

Caldron- Target

White Pumpkin Picks- Dollar Tree

Bat Picks- Dollar Tree

Black Netting- Dollar Tree

Mini Brooms- Dollar Tree

Various Pumpkins- Dollar Tree

Flowers- Dollar Tree

Potion Bottle- Target

Witches Hats- Dollar Tree

Fluff from Pillow

Waverly Chalk Paint in Pumpkin, Ink, and White- Walmart

Paint Brushes- Anywhere

Surebonder Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks- Hobby Lobby

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