Pumpkin Picking

Our favorite thing to do as a family every year is going to the pumpkin patch. My boys love it and it is a joy to watch them do everything that the farms have to offer. At any pumpkin patch or farm there are always bins of pumpkins and I always love them. I found some baskets at Hobby Lobby that looked like strawberry baskets and they reminded me of the baskets that are at the pumpkin farms. The first thing that came to mind was filling them with pumpkins!! That is where this project came from.

Lets Get Started


There are several supplies in this project. The baskets and pumpkins came from Hobby Lobby. I started with just the blue and orange pumpkins but went back and got the green and cream color ones. The raffia I ordered off of Amazon. The chalk board picks are from Dollar Tree. I got the burlap from a friend.

I few other things I used was some ribbon and twine, Waverly Chalk Paint, paint brushes and hot glue.

To start this project I painted the baskets. Please use what ever colors you want. I picked colors that I have really been loving for fall this year especially the navy blue.

Once the baskets were dry, I added a square piece of burlap to each one and hot glued it to the bottom of the baskets. I also glued the burlap around the sides of the baskets so it would lay nice over the edges.

I thought the baskets needed some more embellishing. There is always some kind of ribbon and twine on my desk and I thought that would be perfect. I glued a strip of ribbon or twine on the outside of each basket and then made bows to go on them and glued it on.

Through some trial and error I figured out that the pumpkins sat to far down in the baskets. So I took some floral foam and glued it into the baskets in the bottom. Then so the foam would not show, I cut strips of raffia and glued them on the top of the foam.

After I got the raffia done, I started arranging the different colored pumpkins. Once I was happy, I hot glued them down.

The final embellishment was these chalk board picks. I took a white gel pen and wrote different sayings on them. Then I poked them into the floral foam.

This is one of my favorite projects I have done this year for fall. They look so festive and colorful. Each basket is different but they work so well sitting all together. These are something I will use every year.

Thank you so much for joining me today for another fall project. Please Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Melissa McGuire


Baskets- Hobby Lobby

Pumpkins in Blue, Orange, Cream, and Green- Hobby Lobby

Waverly Chalk Paint- Walmart

Paint Brusher- Anywhere

Burlap- Hobby Lobby

Ribbon and Twine- Michael’s Craft Store

Chalk Board Picks- Dollar Tree

Raffia- Amazon

Surebonder Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks- Hobby Lobby

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