Pot of Gold!

I know this post was suppose to be out last week but I have sick and unable to work on crafts or the blog.  So my deepest apologies and I will try to keep things on more of a schedule.  Now lets get to crafting!

St. Patrick’s Day is coming soon and it is one day we always celebrated in our home because it is my husbands birthday.  That makes St. Patrick’s Day another holiday we decorate for.


I found these coins at the Dollar Tree and they are my inspiration for my projects.  I loved the idea of making a pot of gold to hang on the wall.  Dollar Tree also had a wooden pot of gold that I knew would be perfect for the base of my craft.


First and for most you need gold coins.  I used all 3 bags of these coins making the pot of gold and the bonus craft.  Like I stated earlier, I found the wooden pot of gold at Dollar Tree but if you can not find it you can use foam board.  Cut it into the shape of a pot leaving some board at the top to be able to glue the coins to.

The paint I used was White Waverly Chalk Paint, black Chalk Board Paint, gold acrylic paint (which is not in the picture above), and some green water color paint.  The water color paint is optional.  It is what I had on hand since I could not find my green acrylic paint so I used it.  I also used scissors, paint brushes, Mod Podge and ribbon.


I started this project like I do most of my projects, by using the white chalk paint to prime the wood.  I then painted the pot part of the piece with black chalk paint and the top where the gold will go I painted gold.  The gold paint will look better showing though in case the coins do not cover all the wood.

Now lets get the coins ready to go.  I cut some of the coins.  I did not cut them all down the middle but I did several different points along the coins.  You can see it from the pictures.  I wanted to them be places along the edge where the coins would meet the pot to make sure they looked like they were coming out of the pot.  I then used my hot glue gun to start gluing the coins to the wood piece.  I did about three layers of coins to cover the wood piece and give some depth to the project.

A bit of white paint can do wonders.  I used the white chalk paint and a cheap brush to dry brush white streaks on the sides of the pot to give it a bit more of a 3-D effect.  If you get to much white paint on it, just go back over it in black.  Keep layering the paint until you are happy with the way it looks.

I thought the pot looked a bit plain.  I found these window clings at Dollar Tree and thought they would be the perfect addition to the pot.  I painted a thin layer of Mod Podge on the back of the window cling with a short bristled brush.  Then I placed the window cling, Mod Podge side down, and pushed out any bubbles.  I went over the edge of the cling with the paint brush without any added Mod Podge to make sure the edges were sealed down and then let them dry.  You can add as many clings as you want.  This method will also work if you find free printables on line and cut them out.  Just make sure the layer of Mod Podge you add is to the back and is very thin.  If not it will bubble.  Also if the paper is thin, make sure to be very careful with it or it will rip.


The final step is to add a piece of ribbon on the back with some hot glue.  This will serve as the hanger for the project.


This is the finished project.  I love it!  It is a one of a kind piece and looks great hanging up on my wall.  It was also fun and easy to make.

Bonus Craft!

I had several coins left over and decided I loved the idea of making another garland.  This garland I wanted to be different though.  I always see garland with beads and I just made one like that for Valentine’s Day.  So with this one I used the coins and ribbon instead.



For this bonus project you will need thin ribbon, and coins.  I also used a piece of a wooden wreath I had on hand.  A few other supplies I used were scissors, a hot glue gun, and a silicon mat.  If you do not have a silicon mat you can use wax paper.

I started by lining up the coins on the silicon mat.  Each side of the coin is different so I tried to alternate the sides to make it more pleasing to the eye.  I lined up four to five coins at a time to be able to do more at one time.  Then I put a dot of hot glue on each coin and laid the ribbon on top of the coins in the glue.  After that I took another coin and put it on the top of the coin and ribbon like a sandwich.  I repeated this step until I ran out of coins.

Now I needed something to go on one end of the garland.  Looking around my craft room I spotted a wooden wreath with clovers on it that I bought for another project.  I just want the banner from the wreath for the other project so I took some strong scissors and cut off one of the clovers from it.  I picked the one with the hole in it so that I could attach it to my garland.  I painted it green with the metallic green water color paint I had.  Then I tied it to one end of the garland.  For the other end  of the garland, I made a tassel.


Here is the final bonus project.  It is perfect and does not look like all the other garlands out there.  It is a great touch to my entry way decor.

I hope you have all have a wonderful week and that you are looking forward to spring.  I have one more St. Patrick’s Day project and then we are on to Easter!

Thank you for joining me!

Melissa McGuire


Wooden Pot of Gold- Dollar Tree

3 Bags of Gold Coins- Dollar Tree

White Waverly Chalk Paint- Walmart

Black Chalk Board Paint- Target, Waverly Chalk Paint at Walmart has one called Ink

FolkArt Gold Metallic Acrylic Paint- Walmart

Water Color Green Paint- Hero Arts, Use what ever green paint you have on hand

Paint Brushes- Hobby Lobby

Ribbon- Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s

Window Clings- Dollar Tree

Mod Podge, Dollar Tree

Tim Holtz Scissors- Hobby Lobby

Surebonder Hot Glue Gun- Hobby Lobby, Amazon

Surebonder Hot Glue Sticks-Hobby Lobby, Amazon

Silicon Mat- Amazon


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