Tool Tuesday-Trinket and other dishes

New Series

Tools are an important part of crafting.  The bad thing is there are so many out there that I thought I would break it down for you all.  I call the series Tool Tuesday.  I will do a post every Tuesday explaining a different tool each week and why I use it.  Keep in mind these are the things that are staples in my craft room and they might not work for you.  Also do not feel like you need it all.  Crafting is my passion and job so I have an abundance.  With that said I thought a series would be a great way to show you all the things I use in my craft room.

Trinket trays and other Dishes

Image (18)

Trinket trays are a main staple in my craft room.  I use them every single time I craft.  They hold my paint, die cut pieces, and anything else I need them too.  I have them in several different sizes.  As you can see from the picture I use these trays for several different projects.

When I am making cards or scrapbooking I used them to hold die cuts, small pieces of paper and other small embellishments.  They keep me from losing things on my desk.  It keeps them all together so I do not throw important things away.

The major thing I use them for is paint.  I can put several small dabs of paint on one tray.  This keeps them in one spot and from me spilling the paint and getting it everywhere.  They are also great for mixing paint in them.

Now lets look at the small cups and jars.  I use the small cups for water to wash brushes in or just as water for water color painting.  I love the small jars or any container with a lid to mix paint to make new colors in them.  This means I can save and store the new paint color instead of having to throw it away.  I also use very small red solo cups to put paint and water into too.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how you can use trinket trays and other small containers.  The trays I get at the Dollar Tree, along with some of the small containers.  Other small containers I have re-purposed from things I have ran out of or eaten.  Any small jars or cups will work.

Thank you for joining me my first series post.  I hope it helped and that these trays and dishes are something that will help you out in your craft room.

Stay Healthy and Safe

Melissa McGuire

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