Clever Garlands!

Welcome to Day 2 of the 5 Days Of Christmas!! Today we going to make garlands. I love garlands for spaces like just above a couch or buffet table. I also put a garland and sometimes two on my curio cabinet. When you layer garlands it gives it a different look. It really can add some personality to a space.

These two garlands are pretty easy. They did not take long which is good and they really changed up the space in my living room.

Lets Get Started!!

Supplies for both Garlands

The garlands use the same basic supplies. I used these ornaments from Dollar Tree. They get these ornaments in for each holiday. I also used some twine and ribbon along with different kinds of paint. To attach some of the ornaments to the ribbon, I used hot glue. There are not a ton of supplies for this one.

Start by painting the ornaments in the colors that you want. I used Waverly Chalk paint and Arteza Acrylic Metallic paint. As you can see with the trees and “Merry” I painted them green and then used a stiff fan brush to add snow. I was trying to channel my inner Bob Ross but it did not work very well.

After the paint was dry on the bells, I added bows to the top of them.

To attach the bells to the twine, I used the small twine pieces that came with the ornaments. I attached the trees the same way to the ribbon but the “Merry” I attached with hot glue. I did not want to loop twine through the letters and I like it much better with how I glued them down.

Now I made a mistake. I glued and tied the trees and “Merry” words to far apart. So my advice for this is to hang your string or ribbon up first in the spot where you want to put the garland. This is how I did it with the bells. I then started in the middle of the garland and then worked my way out tying and spacing the bells out as I went. It worked much better that way.

I can not decide which garland I like best. I love how rustic they both are. They fit well in farmhouse decor. Do not feel like you have to paint these ornaments. You could stain them with a wood stain or create your own stain with paint and water. That would really make it farm house and rustic. Instead of ornaments, you could just tie small strips of sting, ribbon, and material on some string or ribbon and give this a whole other look.

Thank you so much for joining me for day 2 of the 5 Days Of Christmas. Join me tomorrow for another fun project. Please Like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe!! Also find me on Facebook and Instagram!!

Have a wonderful day

Melissa McGuire


Ornaments- Dollar Tree

Waverly Chalk Paint- Walmart

Arteza Metallic Acrylic Paint- Amazon

Paint Brushes- Any Craft supply store

Ribbon- Michael’s Craft Supply

Twine- Hobby Lobby

Surebonder Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks- Hobby Lobby

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