Mini Boxes for Christmas

Welcome to day 3 of the 5 Days Of Christmas!!! The one thing that has been really popular this year are small shadowboxes with figures or 3D stickers inside that make a scene. I could stack these all over my house because I love them so much. They really make me smile. Some might look at these tiny boxes and think that nothing will fit in them but man are they wrong. I honestly cannot pick my favorite because they are all so cute!

Lets Get Start


For this project you will need small signs or shadow boxes. I found the tiny ones at Target and the others were at Dollar Tree. You will also need small figures or stickers to place inside the box. The other thing I used was White Waverly Chalk Paint. As for the words, I did use my Cricut and 651 sticky vinyl. In place of the vinyl though you can use stickers or write something in your own handwriting. You could also print out words from the computer and Mod Podge them inside the boxes. I attached everything with hot glue so you will need some form of glue.

The first thing I did was paint all the boxes White with the Waverly Chalk Paint. I painter all of the sides of the box including the back. I do this so that if I want to add something like another scene or a whole different holiday on the back I can. If you are making several boxes, paint them all at one once to save yourself some time.

After everything is painted and dry, you can start putting stuff in the boxes. With the box above, I was able to remove the back and glue on some scrapbook paper. Then I hot glued the back back on and started with the buttons. I cut the back loops off of the buttons. Then started placing them where I thought they would look best. Once I was satisfied, I measured out the black space on the box to get it ready for words.

The next step was adding the words. Now for these tiny shadowboxes I had to cut out some really small words. It was a bit rough trying to get them in that small space so be careful and take your time. Once you have your words, take everything out of the box but remember where it goes. Then place your words in the box. After you placed the words down, hot glue your figures in place. Take your time with the words because you are working with limited space.

I followed these steps for each box. Trying to make each one a bit different.

These are the final products. Like I said before, I can not pick a favorite. Each one is so different and unique. The gnomes crack me up. The red truck had been an obsession for years. I loved them and buffalo check way before it was cool. These boxes are great for 3-tiered trays or to just add a little something more to a space.

Thank you so much for joining me for day 3 of the 5 Days Of Christmas. We have two more days left so please come back for more Christmas decor ideas.

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Have a wonderful day!

Melissa McGuire


Shadow Boxes- Target, Dollar Tree, or any where you can find something that looks like a shadowbox.

White Waverly Chalk Paint- Walmart

Figures and Stickers- Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Michaels Craft Supplies

Bows- Walmart

Surebonder Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue sticks- Hobby Lobby

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