Create A Christmas Countdown!

Welcome to day 4 of the 5 Days Of Christmas!! The one thing my boys love to do is use different things to count down to Christmas. We have trucks with numbers on them and they have 2 different Advent calendars that has candy in them. This is one tradition I love and it keeps my boys excited for Christmas.

It is all their countdowns that gave me the idea to make my own. I found a few different pieces to make these countdowns. Each project is a bit different.

Lets Get Started

Supplies for project 1

So some where along the way my picture for the packaging for these blocks got deleted. These blocks came with the numbers and papers and were all together. I bought them at Hobby Lobby in their Christmas craft section. Other supplies I used were a 2X2 wooden block and a truck light from Dollar Tree. The only paint I used was Waverly Chalk Paint in Ink. To glue everything together I used hot glue and then Mod Podge to seal the blocks.

How to make the blocks countdown

To start the block project, I painted all of the blocks black with the Waverly Chalk Paint in Ink. I did all the sides and the top and bottoms. After everything was dry I took sandpaper and sanded down all the edges. This is a personal preference because I like things to look rustic and like they have been used for a while. Do these in a style you like.

Once I was done sanding, I wiped off the blocks with a damp cloth to get the saw dust off. I started placing the numbers on the clocks. They did have adhesive on them but it was not sticky enough to hold the numbers on to the blocks. I decided to put a coat of Mod Podge down then stick the numbers on. After that I put 2 coats of Mod Podge over the top of the numbers to hold them in place. I did not use the papers in the kit that were supposed to go under the numbers. I did not really like them. On the rectangular block I added the “Days Till Christmas” the same way I did the numbers.

To get the red truck, I broke apart the light stand it was attached to. It came apart with just a little bit of force. I glued it to the 2X2 block that I had. This part of the project really is optional. I wanted to add a bit more to the three countdown blocks and thought a base for them would be perfect.

What do you think? It’s about 8 inches high so it does not take up a ton of room. Since it was a kit, it was not hard to assemble either. Kits like these are great as a base line for a craft and you can get creative with it and change it up. The fun in crafting is making it your style.

Supplies for project 2

Now lets look at the next project. I found this countdown set at Target. It has the numbers with it, several words, and a few blank boards to put your words on with stickers or vinyl. The truck is an ornament from Michael’s Craft supply. I also used some paint and hot glue.

The first thing I did was paint my truck. I have found that paint markers are great. That is what I used to paint the truck. Once it was dry, I glued it to the top of the sign with hot glue.

I wanted something that said “Happy New Year”. So I used my Cricut and cut out those words and added them to one of the extra boards.

That was it. It is easy to just add to something that is already made. It is fun to have stuff that fits your style. Now if you wanted this board up all year round I would put something different at the top. You could add a small photo frame to the top. One that is easy to change out the photo on. It is a piece of decor that can be up all year round.

Thank you for joining me on day 4 of the 5 Days Of Christmas! Tomorrow is the last day. Please Like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe! Also find me on Facebook and Instagram.

Have a great Thursday!

Melissa McGuire


Project 1

Countdown Block and Number Set- Hobby Lobby

Waverly Chalk Paint in Ink- Walmart

Mod Podge- Any Craft supply store

2X2 Block- Michael’s Craft Supply Store

Red Truck Light- Dollare Tree

Surebonder Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks- Hobby Lobby

Project 2

Countdown Board- Target

Truck Ornament- Michael’s Craft Supply Store

Paint- What ever you have on hand

Surebonder Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks- Hobby Lobby

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