4 Days of the Fourth of July

Welcome to day 2 of the 4 days of the Fourth of July!! Today we are going to make a few things for a 3-tiered tray or just a table top. I can not wait to show you how I created these 5 projects!! I love them all!!

I am going to show you how to do each project and at the end of the blog post I will show you how I styled everything.

Lets Get Started

Project 1


Lets dive into Project #1 and the supplies you will need. I found the house card holder at Dollar Tree along with the paper trays. I also used my Cricut Joy, white chalk paint, and hot glue. If you do not have a Cricut or other kind of cutting machine then you can use stickers, stencils, or print stuff off of the computer.

The first step is to pop off the door and the roof of the house. That makes it easier to paint it. I do not like the heart in the middle of the house and it does not go well with my Patriotic theme. I had to do some thinking to fill in that heart. I tried wood filler but it would not dry. So I put a piece of tape on the back to cover the heart and then filled the heart little by little with hot glue leaving a bit of room at the top and added wood filler to fill the heart the rest of the way. Once it was dry, I sanded the front of the house and I painted the house with White Waverly Chalk paint. I did 2 coats of the paint and the second coat was really thick because I wanted some texture to the house.

After it dried completely, I cut a truck out of one of the paper trays. Then I hot glued it to the front of the house. I wanted to add words to the house that said “Home of the Brave”. For the words I used my Cricut Joy and some 651 Black Vinyl. To do this I measured the open space on the house, sized my saying to the right size and cut it out. I used Dollar Tree contact paper as transfer tape to apply the words to my house. I also hot glued the roof piece back on and the card holder is done!!

Project 2


Amazon to the rescue for Project #2! I love the little rolling pins that everyone has in the 3-tiered trays so I got on Amazon and ordered some. To go a long with the Patriotic theme I used some red and white chalk paint and some navy blue acrylic paint. My Cricut Joy helped with the words but you can use stickers, stencils, or print things off the computer to add to the rolling pins. I also added some twine and tulle.

Like I start most of my projects, I painted the rolling pins. You can use masking tape and tape them off but I just free handed it and took my time. The first thing I painted was the middle of each rolling pin. One with Waverly Chalk Paint in Crimson and the other in Navy Apple Barrel Acrylic paint. Once they were dry, I used Waverly Chalk Paint in White to paint the handles. If I got any paint where I did not want it, I just touched it up.

Cricut Design Space is a great please to look for words and saying. That is where I found the “Honor” and “Freedom” words. Just like the last project, I cut the words out of 651 vinyl and used Dollar Tree contact paper to apply the vinyl to the rolling pins. The final step for this project was to tie some tulle on the handle of one pin and wrap the handles of the other pin with twine and hot glue it in place. We are moving right along!! On to Projects #3 and #4

Project 3 and 4


We are going to talk about Projects 3 and 4 together. They use the same supplies. On both projects I used red, and white chalk paint, and rub on transfers from Dollar Tree. I also used navy acrylic and blue chalk paint. Project 3 is a small tray from Dollar tree and Project 4 if a calendar also from Dollar Tree.

With both projects I started by painting them. The tray I painted the inside with White Waverly Chalk Paint, the inside edge with Ocean Blue Waverly Chalk Paint, and the outside of the tray with Crimson Waverly Chalk Paint. The calendar is painted with Navy Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint, Crimson Waverly Chalk Paint, and White Waverly Chalk Paint. To do the edges of the calendar red I put down some masking tape and painted the red on. Then took the tape off. Each piece took 3 coats of paint to cover it.

Now lets look at these rub-on transfers. When you take them out of the package the have 2 sheets. The top sheet holds the transfers and the bottom protects the transfers from transferring until your ready to use them. Make sure they stay together until you are ready. For both projects I cut the words and shapes out that I wanted and then laid everything out to make sure they all fit on the tray and on the calendar. Once I was sure everything would fit, I pulled the backing off the transfer, laid the transfer on the project and used a Popsicle stick to put pressure on the transfer. After rubbing all over the transfer, slowly pull up the top sheet and make sure the image transferred. If it did not, lay it back down again and rub on it some more. If something transfers that you did not want, use an eraser to remove it. Once you add all the transfers you want you are done!! YAY we are onto our final project!!

Project 5


For this last project you will need three books. I also used stamps, black ink, paint, and ribbon.

To start this project, I ripped the covers off the books. One of the spines of the books was rough and bumpy so I used wood filler to smooth it out. Next I used a glue stick to glue down a few pages of each book on the top and bottom. After the glue dried, I started painting. The top book is in Crimson Waverly Chalk Paint, the middle one is White Waverly Chalk Paint, and the bottom book is done in Ocean Waverly Chalk Paint. Each book took 2 coats of paint. Once the books were dry, I used a letter stamp set to stamp out “BECAUSE and BRAVE” in black stamping ink. The words “of the” I wrote out by hand. First in pencil and then over the pencil with a black Arteza Paint Marker. If the stamps did not stamp clearly, I went over the letters with the paint marker too.

The final step for these books was to wrap ribbon around them and glue it with hot glue. I just used one piece of ribbon. You could layer ribbon or make a bow to add to the top of the books. I wanted to be able to stack stuff on top of the books without any issues. We are done!!!

How amazing does all these projects look together? I put all the projects on a cart in my dinning room. They are with the flower arrangements I had on the blog from yesterday. Each piece is unique and special. Even though I used different shades of some of the blues and reds, it all goes together and complements each other to make one cohesive look. The smaller pieces could easily be put on a 3-tiered tray or on a small shelf. The possibilities are endless.

Thank you so much for joining me on day 2 of the 4 days of the Fourth of July! I hope you are finding some great inspiration and motivation to get crafting.

Have a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow for some wreaths!

Melissa McGuire


Project 1

House Card Holder- Dollar Tree

Paper Trays- Dollar Tree

White Waverly Chalk Paint- Walmart

Cricut Joy- HSN

651 Vinyl- Michael’s Craft Supply

Project 2

Rolling Pins- Amazon

Crimson and White Waverly Chalk Paint- Walmart

Navy Apple Barrel Paint- Walmart

Red Tulle- Michael’s Craft Supply

Twine- Hobby Lobby

Cricut Joy- HSN

651Vinyl- Michael’s Craft Supply

Project 4 and 5

Calendar- Dollar Tree

Tray- Dollar Tree

Crimson, Ocean, and White Waverly Chalk Paint- Walmart

Navy Apple Barrel Paint- Walmart

Rub-0n Transfers- Dollar Tree

Project 5

Books- Dollar Tree

Crimson, Ocean, and White Waverly Chalk Paint- Walmart

Ribbon-Michael’s Craft Supply

Letter Stamp Set and Black Ink- Hero Arts

Black Arteza Acrylic Marker- Amazon

2 thoughts on “4 Days of the Fourth of July

  1. Love ❤️ this post! My favorite is the little house. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to fill it the little heart shape and I think the truck is super cute 🥰


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