4 Days of the Fourth of July!

Welcome back to day 3 of the 4 Days of the Fourth of July! Today we are going to look at a few wreaths. Both of these are made with items you might not think to use. I love a great wreath. I am not much on the big puffy ones though with lots of tulle. I had a lot of fun thinking outside of the box for these projects. Keep reading to see how far out of the box I went.

Lets Get Started

Project 1


For this first wreath you will need some kind of wreath form. I got these small ones at Dollar Tree and they come 2 to a pack. To fill in the wreath I used scarfs from Dollar Tree. I also used wooden letters and a garden stake.

The first thing I did for this project was to paint my letters. If you do not want to paint your letters, that’s okay. My USA was black and I wanted them to match the scarves better. The next thing I did was start on the wreath. To do this I took a small piece of the scarf and pushed it up through the back of the wreath form and slid it to the edge of one of the side wire pieces. Then I took another small piece of the scarf and pushed it though the inside piece of the wreath. You will be creating loops alternating between pushing them through the bottom and top sections of the wreath form. I used 5 scarfs to go around this small form. If you get a bigger wreath form, you will need more scarfs. You repeat these steps all the way around the wreath. If you smash the scarfs together tight enough in each section (there are 4 sections) then you will not need to glue the scarf to the form.

The truck on the wreath is from a Dollar Tree garden stake. I just pulled the stick off of it. Then I hot glued the truck to the scarf wreath. Finally I glued each wooden USA letter on the top and that was it.

The old truck is still one of my favorite things. What do you think of the scarfs?? They make a really full wreath. If yours is not looking full then open the scarf loops and it will fill out. Keep your eye out for the small garden stakes too especially at Christmas. They can be the perfect addition to a craft project.

Project 2


Lets move onto Project 2. You will need a cross wreath form or you can make one out of cardboard or foam board. A wooden plaque in a shape you like. I also used to tulle and paint. The unexpected item I used was a pair of blue jeans. I got a pair from a thrift store.

I started this project by painting the wooden plaque I had so it could be ready when I needed it. I painted it white with Waverly Chalk Paint. While that was drying I cut two strips from the pair of jeans. I made sure I laid the wreath form on the jeans and then cut the strips at least an 2 inches wider than the wreath form. That way you have enough material to wrap around the wreath form. I used two strips because it was much easier to do, one for the long side and one for the width. Once cut, I laid the jean strips right side down and placed the wreath form in the middle of the strip. After that I would pull up small pieces of the jean strip and start gluing it to the back of the form. I did this all the way around the wreath until the whole thing is covered.

I wanted to words “All gave some, Some gave all” on the plaque. I used Cricut Design Space and my Cricut Joy to cut out the words and then applied them to my plaque after it was completely dry. The last thing I did was cut strips of tulle in red slightly longer than the plaque and in white slightly longer than the red. I hot glued the tulle in the middle of the cross, white first then the red. You will need lots of glue for this. Once the tulle is glued down then glue your plaque on top of that. And your done!! The bow is optional. I thought it needed something more. You could add flowers if you wanted.

This cross touches my heart. The words on the plaque are very dear to my family. We understand what that sacrifice is like. My husband served in the US military for over 15 years and we lost a few friends a long the way. I am proud to have this hanging in my home and I just love what it represents.

I truly hope these wreaths give you some inspiration to try out some different materials when crafting. I am going to try and use other new materials to stretch my creativity. You could use old scarfs from family member or old jeans from a child. Make wreaths into memory pieces. That would be amazing!!

I hope you have a wonderful day and join me on the 4th of July for one more project. Please find me on Instagram and Facebook under Yellow Butterfly Craft Designs and Like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe to all of my media platforms.

Thank you for joining me,

Melissa McGuire


Project 1

Small Wreath Forms- Dollar Tree

5 Scarfs- Dollar Tree

USA Wooden Letters- Michael’s Craft Supply

Truck Garden Stake- Dollar Tree

Crimson, White, and Ocean Waverly Chalk Paint- Walmart

Project 2

Cross Wreath Form- Dollar Tree

Tulle- Hobby Lobby

Wooden Plaque- Dollar Tree

Jeans- Thrift Store

White Waverly Chalk Paint- Walmart

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