Christmas Shadow Boxes!

This is my first Christmas crafting YouTube video!! Let me tell you the learning curve for making YouTube videos is a big one but one I am finding I love. My creativity has gone through the roof and I cannot film and edit fast enough to put out videos.

Here is a new video that shows how to use wooden packaging to make decor out of it. I hope you enjoy!!

Thank you so much for watching my video and I hope it gave you some inspiration! Save all those wooden boxes you might get this Christmas and craft with them. Also keep an eye out for any other things you receive that you can craft with.

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Have a Wonderful Day

Melissa McGuire

Yellow Butterfly Craft Design

Mason Jar Menu Board

I have had this craft done for a while and have not posted it. It was one of the first crafts I took pictures of before I started my blog. If you know me you know that I LOVE mason jars!! I am excited to finally have these mason jars up and ready for use. The inspiration for this project came when the calendar that had my menu board on it ran out and I needed a new one.

In my house, my family will ask me a million times what is for dinner or what the plans are for the day. Well now I can direct them to this menu and To Do station. (please ignore my poor hand writing on the frame above) Come along with me as I show you how I made these.

Lets Get Started


I found these mason jars a few years ago at Dollar Tree but you can get wooden mason jars several places now. You do not have to go with mason jars, you could use circles or squares. The possibilities are endless. I also used chalk paint, silver metallic paint, a scraper, chalk boards, twine, a Cricut and vinyl, and hot glue.

To get started I popped the pineapple piece off with a scraper on all 7 mason jars. Then I peeled the paper with all the glitter off the wooden jars. Next I used an X-Acto knife to cut off the straw piece and handle on all of the jars. I also took the twine hanger off.

Now its time to paint. As you can see I used several colors of Waverly Chalk Paint. But first I primed each jar with White Waverly Chalk paint so that all the jars had the same base and color. Then I did one coat of colored paint on each jar. One coat of paint made the jars look a bit real. It gave the paint some depth because a tiny bit of the white shows through in places. If you want to do the top part of the jar silver like a real jar then use some masking tape or washi tape to tape off the top so that you do not get your colored paint on it.

Once you have the bottom painted of all 7 jars, take the tape off and you can start painting the top part of the jars to make it look like they have lids. I will warn you, this takes several coats of paint. Once all the paint was dry, I took a black paint marker and drew a line dividing the lid from the rest of the mason jar.

Its time to add the chalk boards. For each jar, I added some twine through the holes on on the chalk boards and pulled the twin to the back of the mason jar right at the neck of the jar. Then I hot glued the twine down. On the front of the jar I glued the chalk board down too.

I used my Cricut and permanent vinyl to add the days of the week to the top of each mason jar where the lid would be. If you do not have a Cricut you can use stickers or write them on yourself. (you can see my hand writing, that’s why I use a Cricut)

Finally I added the twine hangers back onto the jars.

I love these so much. It was a lot of work but I feel like it really paid off. Normally I would do everything one color but I want a more colorful kitchen so I picked colors that are in my kitchen, These are not only cute but functional. Make sure you prime the chalk boards by rubbing chalk all over them then erasing them. That way when you go to write on them the chalk will write. I hung these up with 3M hooks. If I decide I want them somewhere else, I can easily move them.

Thank you so much for joining me today. I have a Christmas in July post coming soon and Yellow Butterfly is moving to YouTube so be on the look out. Please Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe. Also find me on Instagram and Facebook under Yellow Butterfly Craft Designs.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Melissa McGuire


Wooden Mason Jars- Dollar Tree

Chalk Boards- Michael’s Craft Supply

Waverly Chalk Paint- Walmart

Twine- Hobby Lobby

Silver Metallic Paint- Walmart

Surebonder Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks- Hobby Lobby

Cricut- Michael’s Craft Supply

651 Black Vinyl- Michael’s Craft Supply

4 Days of the Fourth of July!

Welcome to day 4 for the 4 Days of the Fourth of July!! Happy Independence Day!!!! We are celebrating and spending time with some of our great friends that have become family. My boys love to swim and grill out. They also love the fire works. It is also the day that we reflect on why we have our freedom and that freedom is never free. There were those who paid the price for us to be free. What do you do on the Fourth of July?

Now lets get to our final project. I have wanted to make a ribbon flag for I don’t know how long. My ribbon stash has been out of control for a while so I figured this was the perfect way to use some of it up.

Lets Get Started


The supplies for this project are pretty simple. You need dowel rods, ribbon, wooden stars, a pair of old jeans, and hot glue. The size of the dowel rods are up to you. It depends on what size flag you want to make.

Now lets talk ribbon. For this flag you want several different kinds of red and white ribbon. It is the perfect time to use up scraps if they are long enough. I used around 8 or 9 different types and widths of ribbon and lace. The lace is special because it is from my mom’s craft stash and she is no longer on this earth.

To start this project I had my husband cut down my dowel rods. I started cutting my ribbon. Each ribbon strip is about the same length but not exact. The length of the rods and ribbon will depend on how big of a flag you want to make. After the dowel rods were cut, I used a mix of Antique Wax and water to make a stain and applied it to the rods. You can leave yours all natural if that is what you like.

I looked at a US flag to see how many stripes of each color there was. 13 stripes in all. I picked out ribbons of each color to start with. I glued a red ribbon to each end and one in the middle of one of the rods. Then spaced out the other 4 red pieces of ribbon. Now its time for the white ribbon. I just glued it in between the red ribbons. Now you have a guide to start layering ribbon on top of. I glued the plainer ribbons on the bottom and the lace and more texted ribbon on the top. Just keep making layers with all the ribbon making sure to keep the stripes of the flag.

Once all of your ribbon is glued down, it is time to add the blue for our flag and the stars. I got an old pair of jeans at the thrift store. Yesterday I used those jeans to cover a cross wreath. Today I am cutting out a rectangle to serve as the blue piece to my flag. Make sure to take into account the part of the material that will be glued to the rod. From there I laid out 50 small stars I got from Hobby Lobby and I painted them with 2 coats of White Waverly Chalk Paint. While the stars are drying, I glued the jeans to the dowel rod in front of the ribbon. Once the stars were dry, I glued them down on the jean piece.

The final steps are to glue a piece of ribbon as a hanger. Then remember that other dowel rod. Take it and glue it right over top of where you glued all the ribbons down. This will hide all you glue and hold the hanger stable. That’s it!! Your done!!!

What a way to finish up our last few days of patriotic decor. I think this flag is my favorite out of everything I made this year. It is amazing. You could use this to make any kind of flag you wanted. Just pick your colors and follow the same steps. Please try it!!

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I have some fun stuff coming up. I have some selves to DIY, things with lemons, and some fun honey themed crafts. Also fall is coming up fast!! Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby are already putting up fall stock.

Have a wonderful and happy Fourth of July!! Please be safe too!

Melissa McGuire


Dowel Rods- Hobby Lobby

Ribbon- Anywhere I find it cheap or on sale

Jeans- Thrift Store

Waverly Chalk Paint in White- Walmart

Wooden Stars- Hobby Lobby

Waverly Antique Wax- Walmart

Surebonder Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks- Hobby Lobby

Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks- Walmart

Target Vinyl Stickers

Every season Target is bringing out some really great vinyl stickers. I have had some sitting on my desk for a few months and have not gotten around to using them. Well I decided to change that. You know I am all about the fast and easy when it comes to crafting. These vinyl sticks are so easy to use. Target is really hitting the mark with them and I hope they keep bringing out new ones. Now lets see what I made with them!!

Lets Get Started


You will need some kind of vinyl stickers. Now Target is not the only place to get these. You can also get them from Etsy and most craft stores are now carrying them. You will also need some kind of signs that you can either leave as is or paint. I used flowers too and some hot glue.

Project #1

This first one took me the most time to do because I did some painting. I started with a blank square wooden panel. From there I painted it with a light blue chalk paint. Once it was dry I took the sticker and placed it with the backing on in the middle of the sign. Well it was a bit to small so I needed to add something to make the words stand out and not get lost in this big sign.

Dollar Tree is currently selling round ground stake signs. The circle was the perfect size for the words so I broke the stake off of it and painted it with Waverly Chalk Paint in Peacock. Once it had two coats of paint and was dry, I added the vinyl stickers.

You can do this one of three ways. 1.)You can peel the top part of the sticker to get it started and then put it on the board. From there you can roll the backing down leaving the vinyl to stick to the board. 2.)You could peel the sticker off the backing piece by piece and add it like a regular sticker. 3.)Or you can use transfer tape or contact paper to add the vinyl to the sign. Do what ever works best for you.

Once I had the circle done, the square board still looked odd and plain. So then I took some hydrangea flowers that I had on hand and put them at the bottom of the square sign. I used hot glue to attached them and the round sign to the square one. First project done!! Lets keep going!!

Project #2

For this next one, I used a smaller wooden sign. I used contact paper to serve as a carrier sheet and placed the vinyl in the middle of the sign.

Next I took some ribbon from Dollar Tree and added it to the top and bottom of the sign with hot glue. Finally I hot glued a bow to the top of the sign. And that was it for this project.

Project #3

This final sign I cut the vinyl apart and laid it out on the bored. Then piece by piece I peeled off the backing and laid it down on the bored. Confession time!!!!! This sign is not straight and the spacing is terrible. It just goes to show that things do not always have to be perfect and I am okay with that. I left it as is and it will just stay in my craft room as a reminder that life is not perfect but you can breathe in and out and everything will be okay!!

Here are the final projects and they turned out great except my crooked one. Once the one sign was painted it took all of about 30 mins to do these signs. Target is really giving a variety of things that you can craft with and these vinyl stickers are amazing. Even if you are not crafty, you can totally pull off any of these projects. Just give it a try!!

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Isaiah 40:8 ESV The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

Melissa McGuire


Wooden Signs- Target. Michael’s Craft Supply and Hobby Lobby carry them too and Walmart has a few

Waverly Chalk Paint- Walmart

Flowers- At Home Store

Ribbon- Dollar Tree

Vinyl Stickers- Target

Surebonder Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks- Hobby Lobby

Finishing Projects

Do you have a bunch of projects that you have intended to do but have just not gotten to them? Well that’s how this post is going to go. I have had several little projects that I just needed to get done. I either have some holes in my decor that I need to fill or they are things that I keep putting off. So I decided to just knock them all out in one day. I am extremely happy I did. I hope that one or more of these projects inspire you to get those projects done that you have just not gotten to yet.

Lets Get Started


A few of the things that I needed to get done were some water bottles for my kids, some blocks for my tiered trays, a plate for my craft room and finally a block that holds cards and pictures. All of these projects I used my Cricut, Cricut vinyl, and Orical 651 vinyl. I also used a few random pieces left over from other projects.

We can start with these blocks. I put some scrapbook paper on two of them with Mod Podge over a year ago. The other one I used shades of silver paint and a sponge to make it look galvanized. I knew I wanted words on at least two of them. So I went into Cricut Design Space and looked up things to do with Blessed. I found one plain Blessed saying and one that said Bless This Hot Mess. I cut each phrase out with Orical 651 vinyl and added them to the galvanized block and the block with the blue painted wood.

For the white wood block, I just wanted a shape of some sort. I literally looked around my desk to see what I could find. I save a ton of things I pull off of other projects. Little pieces here and there that I do not use right away. I found a galvanized heart that I pulled off a Dollar Tree sign last week. I did not want to leave it the same color so I roughly painted it with Dark Bronze paint. It took two coats. Now if you know me pretty well, you will know that I am very impatient. I can not wait on anything. So I took my heat gun to the paint on the heart to make it dry faster. Well I held the heat gun on the heart to long and the paint started to bubble. It was a happy accident and I loved the way it looked. I did that with each coat of paint I put on it. Once it was dry I hot glued the heart on to the block.

I can not wait to put these in my 3-tiered trays!! They are so cute. The blocks are about 3×3 in size and about an half an inch thick. So they are a great size to put in any small spots that are missing decor.

Lets move onto the next project!!

I have had this charger sitting around since just after Christmas. I wanted to put an inspirational quote on it to put in my craft room. Since I have been working on changing my life around a bit with losing weight and working on my mental and physical health, I wanted something to push me. The quote I settled on after reading a ton was “I Dare To Fail So I will Achieve Greatly.” I found an SVG of it and downloaded it into Cricut Design Space. Then I cut it out on some metallic Cricut vinyl. Once I weeded the vinyl, I used transfer tape to add it to the plate. I was not as careful as I should have been and I did not get the wording on the plate straight. Instead of wasting the vinyl and pulling it off to try again, I added a blue butterfly to the side of the plate to fill the space. Always see if you can save your project if you mess up. Sometimes the project turns out better than you expected it would.

I can not tell you how much a love this. It does not matter to me that the words are a bit off. Honestly it is a representation of how the day went as I was making all of these projects. Something went wrong on each one and I am happy it did because the end results are so much better than I expected the projects to be.

Two down, Two to go!!

I have had these water bottles sitting my my craft room since last summer. They are around a $1.00 each at Walmart and I knew I wanted to put my kids names on them. I went back to my Cricut and into Design Space. I looked for a font that I wanted for all three and typed out their names and sized them. Then I cut them out, weeded the vinyl and then added their names to the bottles.

This was such an easy and cheap project. Now I could take the time to put Mod Podge over the letters but it is not that important to me. These might last my kids the summer. Since they are cheap, it is not a big deal to make them new ones next summer. I will say my kids were pretty excited about these though.

Final Project!!

I forgot to take a before picture of this block that is a card or picture holder. A friend gave this to me a long time ago with some cute paper on it. The glue lifted from the paper and fell off so I decided to redo it. I painted the block with the Dark Bronze paint. It took two coats to completely cover it.

Once it was dry , I got back on design space and found a beautiful butterfly. I sized it and cut it out with metallic vinyl. Then I added it to the block. After that I found a ribbon that looked good with the colors and tied it in a bow around the wire holder. That was it!!! This was quick and now I can set this out and remember my sweet friend who made this for me to begin with.

There are always ways to get around not having a cutting machine like a Cricut. You can use stickers, rub-on transfers, or print things out on from the computer and Mod Podge them on. Even stencils would work. Use what you have.

I hope that these projects motivate you to get some of those half done or not even started projects done that are taking up space in your craft room. I am glad and excited I finished these. It feels good to have them done.

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Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Melissa McGuire


Blocks- Target

Paper- Hobby Lobby

Mod Podge- Hobby Lobby

Shades of Silver Paint- Walmart

Heart- Dollar Tree

Cricut- Amazon

Orical 651 Vinyl- Michael’s Craft Supply

Surebonder Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks- Hobby Lobby

Charger- Dollar Tree

Butterfly- Random Plant Decoration

Water Bottles- Walmart

Dark Bronze Paint- Target

Block Card Holder- Any Craft Store

Ribbon- Hero Arts

Dollar Tree Laundry Room Fun!!

A friend of mine moved into a new house not to long ago. She has been working room by room getting everything decorated. She asked me what I was doing next on the blog and I told her laundry room decor! I also told her that I did not know what I was going to do with the stuff once it was made because I did not have anywhere to put it. With a big grin, she asked if I would toss them her way. She has a pretty neutral laundry room and it is not a big space. I kept all those things in mind as I was starting to create some laundry room decor with some Dollar Tree materials.

Lets Get Started


I found some wall stickers at Dollar Tree that were perfect for making some cheap and easy decor. I needed a few different sizes of signs which came from a few different things at Dollar Tree, or you can use signs from other craft stores. I was working on keeping this pretty budget friendly. A few other things I used were twine, Mod Podge, vinyl, and hot glue. All of this is pretty simple and you do not need a lot to this project.

I started by prepping three different sizes of signs. Each one I did the same steps with. First I took any embellishments off the signs. Then flipped the signs over and took any stickers that were on them. I also removed what ever is used to hang the signs. If there are holes left behind, I filled them in with wood filler.

Next I needed to cover the signs. I did not want to use paint. That is something we use all the time and I wanted to do something different. I had some vinyl on hand from Target. Depending on the season, they can carry it in their Bullseye Playground and it comes in single sheets or in a pack of three. The ones I chose to use were in a pack of three. There were two plaid patterns and a striped one. I measured out the vinyl by laying the signs down on it and tracing it and cutting out the vinyl. This is where I ran into a problem. Since this was going in a laundry room I was afraid of the vinyl peeling off if the room got to hot or had to much moisture. To solve this problem I put a layer of Mod Podge down on the sign first and then put the vinyl over the top of it.

Once the Mod Podge has had some time to dry, I cut apart the stickers. Now the ones on the right are from another sticker pack that had the laundry list on it and another big sticker that says Laundry Room. I cut those apart too. Once I laid everything out where I wanted them on the signs, I peeled off the backing and put the stickers on the signs.

I put two coats of Mod Podge over the top of the stickers to seal them in place.

Each sign needed some embellishment. I wanted them to all match and have the same look. The house they are going in is a farm house so I wanted to keep with the style too. Twine is one thing that is all over farm house decor so I took that and wrapped around each sign where I thought it was needed. I also glued some pieces of twine to the back to make hanger for the signs.

Here is a closer look at each sign. They each have a different shape to have some interest. I used different vinyl on each one. The twine gives them some texture and also ties them all together. They turned out great. This is a project where you can use any color vinyl or paint you want. You can also use any wall stickers and size of signs you want. These can be made to fit any style and space.

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Revelation 7:14 I said to him, “My lord, you know.” And he said to me, “These are the ones who come out of the great tribulation, and they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

Melissa McGuire


Laundry Wall Stickers- Dollar Tree

Signs- Dollar Tree

Mod Podge- Dollar Tree

Twine- Dollar Tree

Vinyl- Target

Surebonder Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks- Hobby Lobby