Target Vinyl Stickers

Every season Target is bringing out some really great vinyl stickers. I have had some sitting on my desk for a few months and have not gotten around to using them. Well I decided to change that. You know I am all about the fast and easy when it comes to crafting. These vinyl sticks are so easy to use. Target is really hitting the mark with them and I hope they keep bringing out new ones. Now lets see what I made with them!!

Lets Get Started


You will need some kind of vinyl stickers. Now Target is not the only place to get these. You can also get them from Etsy and most craft stores are now carrying them. You will also need some kind of signs that you can either leave as is or paint. I used flowers too and some hot glue.

Project #1

This first one took me the most time to do because I did some painting. I started with a blank square wooden panel. From there I painted it with a light blue chalk paint. Once it was dry I took the sticker and placed it with the backing on in the middle of the sign. Well it was a bit to small so I needed to add something to make the words stand out and not get lost in this big sign.

Dollar Tree is currently selling round ground stake signs. The circle was the perfect size for the words so I broke the stake off of it and painted it with Waverly Chalk Paint in Peacock. Once it had two coats of paint and was dry, I added the vinyl stickers.

You can do this one of three ways. 1.)You can peel the top part of the sticker to get it started and then put it on the board. From there you can roll the backing down leaving the vinyl to stick to the board. 2.)You could peel the sticker off the backing piece by piece and add it like a regular sticker. 3.)Or you can use transfer tape or contact paper to add the vinyl to the sign. Do what ever works best for you.

Once I had the circle done, the square board still looked odd and plain. So then I took some hydrangea flowers that I had on hand and put them at the bottom of the square sign. I used hot glue to attached them and the round sign to the square one. First project done!! Lets keep going!!

Project #2

For this next one, I used a smaller wooden sign. I used contact paper to serve as a carrier sheet and placed the vinyl in the middle of the sign.

Next I took some ribbon from Dollar Tree and added it to the top and bottom of the sign with hot glue. Finally I hot glued a bow to the top of the sign. And that was it for this project.

Project #3

This final sign I cut the vinyl apart and laid it out on the bored. Then piece by piece I peeled off the backing and laid it down on the bored. Confession time!!!!! This sign is not straight and the spacing is terrible. It just goes to show that things do not always have to be perfect and I am okay with that. I left it as is and it will just stay in my craft room as a reminder that life is not perfect but you can breathe in and out and everything will be okay!!

Here are the final projects and they turned out great except my crooked one. Once the one sign was painted it took all of about 30 mins to do these signs. Target is really giving a variety of things that you can craft with and these vinyl stickers are amazing. Even if you are not crafty, you can totally pull off any of these projects. Just give it a try!!

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Isaiah 40:8 ESV The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

Melissa McGuire


Wooden Signs- Target. Michael’s Craft Supply and Hobby Lobby carry them too and Walmart has a few

Waverly Chalk Paint- Walmart

Flowers- At Home Store

Ribbon- Dollar Tree

Vinyl Stickers- Target

Surebonder Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks- Hobby Lobby

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